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What Data Are You Exposing to the Web?

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While you were browsing this website, a screenshot of your page was taken without your permission. Don't worry, your screenshot is not saved on our server. Click here to view screenshot.


This unique ID was generated from the personal information collected by the website. Fingerprints such as this one are used to track users across the internet. Each individual identifier on its own may not seem to give much information. However, when you put it all together and turn it into an ID, you end up with something that can be used to track you. This is because it is very unlikely that someone else's browser is reporting the exact same information as yours. Fingerprinting is extremely difficult to avoid because even if some of the information collected is incorrect, a unique ID can still be created as long as your browser is consistently reporting the same incorrect information.


Your web browser gives out lots of information without you knowing it. This website shows you the information websites can see about you. If any information is incorrect or missing, it means that websites can't see it, which is a good thing. Click here to learn more about how websites track you. Please send an email to contact@personaldata.info if you have any questions or concerns.

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We value your privacy. This is why the only data stored by our server is user IP addresses. However, this is purely for security and analytic purposes. We do not share any of this information. By storing IP addresses, we can make sure that personaldata.info functions properly and is secure for all users.

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