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What Data Are You Exposing to the Web?

Device Details

Browser Details


Location: Blocked By Client

Altitude: Blocked By Client

Speed: Blocked By Client

Heading: unknown

Network Info

VPN Enabled:

Audio Info

Browser Audio Variability Test: Evaluates how different web browsers handle audio generation and processing using an oscillator-based method. Measures variations in audio quality, accuracy, and performance across various browser versions, devices, and configurations.

Video Info

Internationalization Info

ClientRects Info

This element is used to get ClientRects values

MathML Fingerprint

x = - b ± b 2 - 4 × a × c 2 × a
y = x a + 1 + x 2
f x d x
2 + 3
n = 1

MathML Fingerprint:

Math Calculation Fingerprint

Math.atan2(3, 2):



Math.pow(2, 3):
















Math.exp(1) !== Math.E:

Math Fingerprint:

Error Message Fingerprint

Different browsers may generate slightly different error messages for the same code snippet due to variations in their JavaScript engines and error handling mechanisms. When intentionally creating an error and hashing the messages, a fingerprint can be made.

Console Fingerprint

Different browsers may exhibit varying support for console features, potentially resulting in different fingerprints. This can also be influenced by browser extensions.

Emoji Fingerprint

Emoji Fingerprinting combines information about emoji support and size into a fingerprint, which is then hashed to generate a unique identifier.

Font Fingerprint

Font fingerprinting uses information about font support and individual letter sizes to create a unique identifier.

CSS Fingerprint

This section uses a predefined list of CSS features and loops through it to check for support. It then creates a hash of the support data.

Clock Skew

This example shows how websites can detect small differences between client and server time. While this is a simplified example, more complex algorithms can use this information as part of a fingerprinting process.

Page Interaction

Click Count: 0

Double Click Count: 0

Right Click Count: 0

Auxiliary Button Click Count: 0

Caps Lock: disabled

Keystroke Count: 0

Points of Contact: 0

Window Resize Count: 0

Element Focused: Body

Typing Style Fingerprint

Typing Speed (WPM): 0

Backspace Rate (Backspaces per Keypress): 0

Average Keypress Duration (ms): 0

Average Backspace Duration (ms): 0

Average Shift Key Duration (ms): 0

Shift Key Typing Rate (Shifts per Keypress): 0

Average Typing Rhythm (ms): 0

HTTP Request Headers

Error getting request headers

HTTP Response Headers

Device Motion and Orientation

Using the device orientation and motion APIs, websites can get information about how your device is moving. Click the button above, and if prompted by your browser, grant permissions to view sensor data.

Bluetooth Device Data

The Web Bluetooth API allows websites and web applications to interact with nearby Bluetooth devices. The API requires user permission and is generally not a significant privacy concern.

However, when connected to a device, some information, such as the device name and ID, may be visible to the website. To test this API, click the button above and connect to a device when prompted.

USB Device Data

HID Device Data

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are a set of browser API methods that provide developers with information about how long it takes for various parts of a webpage to load and render. This information can be used to optimize the performance of a webpage and improve the user experience.

The data exposed by performance metrics includes information about network latency, connection speeds, page load times, and other factors that can affect the speed and responsiveness of a webpage.

WebRTC Data

WebRTC is a collection of browser-based technologies and standards that enable real-time communication between web browsers and other devices over the internet.

However, it can also be used to collect information about your device and browser. Click the button above to view some of the data that webRTC can collect. If you are using a browser with advanced tracking prevention, webRTC may be blocked.


FingerprintJS Fingerprint: Blocked By Client

Number of properties in window: Loading...

Page Visibility: visible

Raw Data: View Raw Data

While you were browsing this website, a screenshot of your page was taken without your permission. Don't worry, your screenshot is not saved on our server. Click here to view screenshot.

Canvas Fingerprint

WebGL Fingerprint

WebGPU Fingerprint


This fingerprint is a unique identifier that can be used to track your online activity. On its own, each piece of data collected by this site may not seem very significant, but when combined, they create a unique ID that is highly unlikely to match another user's. By analyzing this data, websites can identify your device and track your online behavior.


You may not realize it, but your web browser reveals a lot of information about you. This website lets you see what data you are exposing to the web. The less information websites can see about you, the better for your privacy. If you notice any incorrect or missing information, that means websites can’t access it. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback.

Privacy Policy

We prioritize your privacy and do not collect any user data. To enhance user experience, we use third-party services like Cloudflare, Replit, and GeoIP lookup, which may collect non-identifiable data for their respective purposes. Be assured that we remain committed to maintaining data confidentiality and transparency in our practices.

When loading the site, you are asked for permission to use your microphone and location. This is so the site can have access to your location and audio level data. None of this data is stored or recorded. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, you can deny permission, and the site will still function.

Privacy Tools

Password Breach Check

Input a password below to check whether it has been compromised in a data breach. No entered text is stored. Data is provided by the Have I Been Pwned API.

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