Back Understanding the Data You Expose to the Web


At, we believe that protecting your online privacy is essential. With the vast amount of personal information we share online every day, it's critical to understand how we are being tracked and what data is being collected about us.

To help users better understand their online footprint, we have developed a platform that collects and analyzes data about their browser and device. While the homepage of may seem simple, beneath the surface lies a sophisticated system that gathers hundreds of data points from the user's device and browser.

However, it's important to note that we do not collect any personal information about our users except their IP addresses. All other data is collected and processed entirely client-side, meaning that the data never leaves the user's device and is never stored on our servers.

Our platform uses a variety of techniques to collect data about the user's browser and device. This includes information about their browser's user agent string, screen resolution, and more, all gathered through built-in web APIs that every website has access to. However, not all browsers support every API, and spoofing can sometimes lead to inaccurate data points. For example, the user may have installed browser extensions that modify the user agent string, making it difficult to accurately identify their browser and device.

Additionally, certain characteristics, such as connected media devices or device type, can be difficult to detect, resulting in errors. For instance, the algorithm may search for headphone or earbud devices, but the proprietary names that these devices are reported under can lead to inaccurate results. Similarly, the algorithm must search for characteristics of different device types, which may be difficult to detect, leading to incorrect reports for uncommon or unique devices.

Despite these challenges, the data collected by is for the most part accurate. The combination of multiple data points helps to create a comprehensive picture of each user, allowing them to see what information they are sharing and how they can protect themselves from online tracking.

By analyzing and combining this data, creates a unique fingerprint for each user, demonstrating how fingerprinting is used to track individuals across the web. The vast amount of data collected makes it highly unlikely that someone else's fingerprint will be the same as yours, allowing websites to identify and track you out of countless visitors.

We believe that it is essential for everyone to be informed about what information they are sharing online and the dangers of fingerprinting. Online privacy is a fundamental human right that is often neglected in today's surveillance economy. Corporations profit off of sensitive information without user consent, and it is easier than ever for them to do so. By becoming aware of what data you are sharing online, you can take proactive steps to limit the information you expose and secure your online privacy. That's why we built - to help you take control of your online identity and protect your privacy.