Tracking Company Finder


Tracking Company Finder is a simple JavaScript bookmarklet that displays an alert of all companies with tracking scripts found on your current page. It works by searching through all of the script and image tags on a website and checking if the source matches any known tracking domains.

The bookmarklet is still in development, since tracking urls and companies are still being added to the list. Feel free to edit the source code to add any scripts or companies you would like to include in the alert.

To use the bookmarklet, simply drag and drop this link into your bookmarks bar. Tracking Script Finder

Source Code

// Get all script tags and image on the page const scripts = document.querySelectorAll("script"); const images = document.querySelectorAll("img"); // Define a mapping of tracking domains to companies const trackingCompaniesMap = { "google-analytics.com": "Google", "doubleclick.net": "Google", "googleadservices.com": "Google", "googletagmanager.com": "Google", "fonts.googleapis.com": "Google", "googlesyndication.com": "Google", "fbcdn.net": "Facebook", "facebook.com": "Facebook", "connect.facebook.net": "Facebook", "adnxs.com": "Microsoft", "adsrvr.org": "OpenX", "creativecdn.com": "RTB House", "googletagservices.com": "Google", "linkedin.com": "Linkedin", "indexww.com": "Index Exchange", "klaviyo.com": "Klaviyo", "shopify.com": "Shopify", "sharethis.com": "ShareThis", "hotjar.com": "Hotjar", "tiktok.com": "TikTok", "adthrive.com": "AdThrive", "openx.net": "OpenX", "bidswitch.net": "IPONWEB", "rlcdn.com": "Trade Desk", "amazon-adsystem.com": "Amazon", "casalemedia.com": "Casale Media", "googleadservices.com": "Google", "tapad.com": "Tap pad", "criteo.com": "Criteo", "everesttech.net": "Adobe", "crwdcntrl.net": "Lotame", "bluekai.com": "Oracle", "omtrdc.net": "Adobe", "mathtag.com": "MediaMath", "turn.com": "Amobe", "ajax.googleapis.com": "Google", "lijit.com": "Sovorn", "contextweb.com": "Pulsepoint", "stackadapt.com": "Collective Roll", "jsdelivr.net": "Prospect One", "id5-sync.com": "ID5", "simpli.fi": "Simplifi", "skimresources.com": "Skimbit", "dotomi.com": "Conversant", "npttech.com": "Piano Software", "cxense.com": "Piano Software", "twitter.com": "Twitter", "linkedin.com": "LinkedIn", "pinterest.com": "Pinterest", "mediatradecraft.com": "Mediatradecraft", "adnxs.com": "AppNexus", "privy.com": "Privy.com", "tru.am": " trueAnthem", "newrelic.com": "New Relic", "concert.io": "Vox Media", "moatads.com": "Oracle", "dwin1.com": "Awin", "rebuyengine.com": "rebuyengine.com", "onesignal.com": "OneSignal", "connatix.com": "Connatix", "speedcurve.com": "Speed Curve", "cookielaw.org": "One Trust", "confiant-integrations.net": "confiant-integrations.net", "hearstapps.com": "Hearst Communications", "scorecardresearch.com": "ComScore", "mediafuse.com": "mediafuse.com", "atdmt.com": "Atlas Solutions (Microsoft)", "bing.com": "Bing Ads (Microsoft)", "bluekai.com": "Oracle Data Cloud", "criteo.com": "Criteo", "doubleverify.com": "DoubleVerify", "everesttech.net": "Adobe Advertising Cloud", "googlesyndication.com": "Google", "krxd.net": "Salesforce DMP (Krux)", "mookie1.com": "Xandr", "neustar.biz": "Neustar", "outbrain.com": "Outbrain", "quantserve.com": "Quantcast", "quantcast": "Quantcast", "scorecardresearch.com": "Comscore", "pubmatic.com": "PubMatic", "amplitude.com": "Amplitude", "yotpo.com": " Yotpo", "rubiconproject.com": "Rubicon Project", "fastlane.rubiconproject.com/api": "Rubicon Project", "media.net": "Media.net", "wix.com": "wix.com", "prebid.media.net": "Media.net", "tlx.3lift.com": "TripleLift", "teads.tv": "Teads", "bidr.io": "Beeswax", "360yield.com": "Improve Digital", "sharethrough.com": "Sharethrough", "chartbeat.com": "Chartbeat", "ipredictive.com": "Adelphic", "pippio.com": "LiveRamp", "technoratimedia.com": "Synacor", "33across.com": "33Across", "zemanta.com": "Outbrain", "sitescout.com": "Centro", "adform.net": "Adform", "urbanairship.com": "Urban Airship", "redventures.io": "redventures.io", "cohesionapps.com": "Tagular Analytics", "myfidevs.io": "My Finance", "go-mpulse.net": "Akamai Technologies", "vercel-insights.com": "vercel-insights.com", "tapad.com": "Tapad (Experian)", "yahoo.com": "Yahoo Gemini (Verizon Media)" }; // Loop through each script tag and check if it contains a known tracking domain const trackingCompaniesSet = new Set(); // Using a Set to ensure uniqueness of tracking companies scripts.forEach((script) => { const scriptSrc = script.getAttribute("src"); if (scriptSrc) { Object.entries(trackingCompaniesMap).forEach(([domain, company]) => { if (scriptSrc.includes(domain)) { trackingCompaniesSet.add(company); } }); } }); // Check each img tag for tracking domains images.forEach((img) => { const src = img.getAttribute("src"); if (src) { Object.entries(trackingCompaniesMap).forEach(([domain, company]) => { if (src.includes(domain)) { trackingCompaniesSet.add(company); } }); } }); // Convert the Set to an array for display purposes const trackingCompanies = Array.from(trackingCompaniesSet); // If tracking companies were found, display an alert with the list of companies if (trackingCompanies.length > 0) { const trackingMessage = `The following tracking companies were found on this page: ${trackingCompanies.join(", ")}.\n\nBy personaldata.info`; alert(trackingMessage); } else{ alert("No tracking companies found.\n\nBy personaldata.info") }